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How it all began...

Vertigo Vibe got it's start in February, 2003, when Randy set out to assemble a small band of talented musicians who shared some common, basic goals...to play quality music from the 60's to the present in good nightclubs and establishments... to perform classic rock and roll music in an authentic and entertaining way...to work as a team using the highest caliber musicians available and, most importantly...to have fun! 

That concept produced 5 very talented musicians (Scott Murphy, Jim McCauley, Ken Peffley, Dale Hatt and Randy Stout) who immediately made a connection and developed a friendship that would forge the band known as Vertigo Vibe.  The first few practices that first month were a "feeling out" process and produced some interesting results, but it also had it's share of challenges.  After the "getting-to-know-you" process got underway, we realized we had something very special in the 5 strangers who came together that one winter's day, and we have all committed to the journey that would follow.

Since our start, the band has been hard at work booking jobs and breaking into the music scene in and around Berks County.  All the preliminary work had paid off and by May, 2003, we started to develop a gigging schedule.  With a few jobs under our belt, Vertigo Vibe started to "catch on".  Before we knew it, we were getting bookings at Fire Companies, local bars, a few restaurants, some nightclubs and even a feature on local TV (Berks Vibe on BCTV)!  Since our debut gig on June 1, 2003, we have booked over 500 gigs...clubs, weddings, special events, picnics, private parties, and fund raising events...throughout PA (Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, Schuylkill, Dauphin, Chester, Montgomery, Cumberland and Elk Counties) and parts of MD.  Not too shabby!!    And we haven't stopped looking for new places to play in Berks and surrounding counties.

After completing our first year together, we made only one personnel change....Scott left the band in January, 2004, to pursue other ventures.  In the course of this transition, we were fortunate to have several friends fill in on vocals for us...Liz Schaeffer (Sonic), Les Zook (Rukkus), Vince Arms (Usual Suspects), and Duane Damiani, (Beatnik Cowboys).  We finally found our "permanent" replacement in Mark Johnson, who debuted with the Vibe (after 2 practices) on April 23, 2004.  By June of 2004, we started using Phil Stallone on lead guitar for half our shows; and by the end of 2004, we made a decision to keep it simple and go back to 1 full-time lead player....and, on November 19, enter Jeff Schwartz.  Jeff jammed with the Vibe until October, 2006, but grew weary of the demanding gigging schedule and gave his notice to move on.  After a careful search and several lead guitar auditions, we had the good fortune of meeting, were very impressed with and felt an immediate bond with Brian Evola, who took over in October, 2006.  Until December 31, 2007, our line-up included Mark Johnson on lead vocals, Randy Stout on rhythm guitar and vocals, Brian Evola on lead guitar and vocals, Kenny Play on 5-string bass and vocals, Dale Hatt on drums and sound effects.  Effective January 1, 2008, we made some changes: Rick Schmehl on bass and Pete Beck on drums. Then, in February, 2008, Brian took a job and moved to South Carolina which opened the door for Bryan Hall to enter and take over on lead guitar and vocals.  Coming from West Chester was quite a challenge for Bryan, but he hung in there all the way to the end of December, 2008.  Starting in January, 2009, Mike Miller took over the lead guitar & vocals job. But alas, Mike, Pete and Rick left for greener pastures and for an opportunity to start their own funk band.  This opened the door extremely wide, and in walked Todd Althouse, John Feeser and Bobby Fry...3 of the most talented musicians one could hope to find.  In the interim, we had Kenny Play back in the saddle for a few gigs and also had Rick Yohe sit in on bass.  We've gone from a 5-piece to a 4-piece (resurrecting Dale Hatt, bringing back Mike Miller on bass and lead vocals and introducing Jim Dolinski on lead guitar) to a 5-piece band.  We had the privilege of working with Dan Dorson (lead singer) in 2010-2011 and also brought in Tom Fante on bass in 2011.  We started the 2nd quarter of 2012 with Jim Convry on lead guitar, just helping us out.  As mid-2012 unfolded, a unique blend and smewhat unusual twist of fate....we now had 3 of the original members back on board (Kenny, Dale and Randy), along with Jim Dolinski, and female vocalist,Tara Bernstal.  As fickle as fate can be, this was short-lived, and with Tara & Jim in the rear-view, we got back to the basics. and did some reformation.  We added Chris Johnson on vocals and Jim Bitner on lead guitar, and hit the ground running for the duration of 2013.    When Chris moved to Florida with his fiancee, Aimee, and Dale retired from the Vibe in December, 2013, we approached our old friend (and past Vibe member) Mark Johnston to return on vocals and brought on Matt Shelak on drums.   After all this, we still have 3 original members continuing the legacy; and the 2 young guys help keep the spark and vibe going.  The drummer's seat has been somewhat fluid in 2016. Matt quit without notice in September, but we were able to count on our friends Bruce Kissinger (The Youngers), Dave Scott (The Groove) and Paul Tasca to get us through without missing a beat...these are real drummers...which gave us breathing room and opportunity. We are constantly adding new and different tunes and have re-energized and focused on doing special events (large or small...here or there), playing some local venues, going out of town, and kicking butt along the way.  As it was from the beginning, Vertigo Vibe is always an interesting collection of musical personalities, consistenly evolving and changing.  All these guys have loads of previous band and music experience that, when pooled together, create and sustain the "vibe" in Vertigo Vibe.  You gotta see it to believe it!  I know I'm partial....but we rock!

We'd love to see you at one of our shows.  We believe we have a unique mix of songs that make you want to dance and we have such a blast!!  If you've been to some of our shows, you know what I'm talkin' about.  We offer the best in classic rock & roll entertainment and we guarantee you will have a rockin' good time.  We're continually adding new songs and mixing it up.  From 2003 to 2006, we averaged 70 gigs a year.  From 2007 to 2010, we averaged 50 shows a year (a much more reasonable schedule).  With our travel schedule and doing out of town special events, over the past few years we've reduced our schedule to a manageable  35-50.  We're always ready to go; so there are ample opportunities to book us or catch a few of our shows and become a Vibe-rater !  Usually, our crowd becomes part of the show and are our inspiration!!

Check out our Schedule for upcoming shows and dates...take some time to look at our Pictures or listen to our Demo Songs... and add some Humor to your visit.  Take a look at the Merchandise we have available.  You might also want to check out some of our favorite Web Site Links (don't forget to come back to us). 

Before you go, we'd just like to THANK YOU for your continued support.

Thanks for visiting!!

Vertigo Vibe

This is a picture of the Vertigo Vibe "debut" at The Ritz on Main...
September, 2003...  We were the very first band to perform on their stage!
Oh, what a feeling!!

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