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Who are we?
That's a good question and one we've been pondering for years!
Actually, the Vibe is made up of a lot of very special people who assist us, support us and pitch in to help us out from time to time
so the guys in the band can do their thing.

The guys in the band...

Mark Johnson...provides the lead vocals and rock 'n rollin' high energy for the VIBE.  He's played in several bands from the Lancaster area such as Zebec, Filthy Rich, TYZ, Wired, Times Square and Poetic Justice.  Mark is an accomplished, well-rounded musician who can also handle rhythm guitar, harmonica, and all our cowbell solos.  Mark has a powerful voice, remarkable range and an ability to add his personal touch to each song.  He is no stranger to the music scene and is originally from Lancaster County.  Mark is a welcome addition to the family Vibe and will get your motor runnin'.  Contact Mark


Randy Stout...provides rhythm guitar, vocal harmony and a sense of organization and direction for the VIBE.  He assists with the bookings, handles the "administrative" tasks and is the glue that binds the VIBE together.  Randy's previous band work includes Vinnie and the Flat Tires, the Second Chance Band, the Daytonas and the Fudd Brothers.   He is the founding father, chief counselor, equipment manager and operations manager of the Vibe.  He is one lean, mean rhythm machine!!  Contact Randy 


Brian Evola...is the newest (and youngest) member of the Vibe, effective October 21, 2006, and handles the lead guitar work and vocals for the band.  Originally from Illinois, Brian is from the Lititz area and has been playing in bands for the past 15 years.  His previous bands include Bullseye, Phaze III, Southern Pass and Triple Shot.  Brian moved to this area with his family to take on a special expansion project as Site Manager for Allied Waste.  Brian sings lead and harmony for the Vibe and adds a new element to the Vibe sound!  He also brings new energy, new songs and a youthful exhuberance to Vertigo Vibe!  Contact Brian


Kenny Play...keeps us in the bottom end (he owns the frequency domain known as the "sonic low B") and provides vocal harmony and comic relief for the VIBE.  He also handles the sound, lights, road crew and security for the band...definitely a multi-tasker!  Kenny's local band work includes the Nomads, Spellbound, Fome, Trilogy, 3 Hour Tour, Blind Pilot and Push'd (actually, there isn't a band Kenny hasn't played in).  In his spare time, he does sound and lighting work for other bands and production companies and is an avid Rush fan.  What...me worry?!  Kenny was there in the beginning (first practice) for the Vibe's creation.  Contact Kenny


Dale Hatt...lays down the groove, keeps a very solid beat and provides a sense of calm and some sanity for the VIBE.  Previously, a drummer for the local group "Presence",  Dale keeps us grounded and in touch with reality.  He's a man of few words, but he speaks with BIG sticks (he is known to break heads)!  Ommm......ouch!  Dale is also one of the original members of the Vibe and was present for the first practice.  Contact Dale


And a special thanks to:

Terry Frankowiak...Terry is the owner and editor of the Loose Ends magazine and has been a staunch supported of the Vibe!  We share the same weird sense of humor and he features our artwork in his publication from time-to-time.  Many thanks!!! 

Pete Stauffer...Pete helped us out in November, 2006, at the Paris Pub, on lead guitar...we had a blast, and he rocks!  Many thanks!!! 

Joe Webb...the official photographer, chief Gaffer and one of the biggest supporters of the Vibe .  Many thanks!!!  Email Joe please!

Deb Webb...She deserves so much credit just for being married to Joe!  Somebody's got to do it.

Sherri Evola...the newest Vibe wife, Sherri lends support to the band...always providing a smiling, friendly face in the crowd!

Kay Stout...Kudos to Kay for her support and understanding of the band and for letting Randy play so much (thanks for the therapy...it helps)!

Chris Hatt...the social coordinator, chief promoter, staunch groupie and Dale's equipment technician....pack it up and load it out!

Joann Play (Kenny's wife)...She deserves a special thanks for hooking up with Kenny and keeping him "grounded". 

Jeff Schwartz...he answered the call and came on board in October, 2004, and added a new dimension to the Vibe sound until October, 2006. 

We want to thank Jeff for all he did to keep the Vibe a lean, mean playing machine.  Jeff will be playing with the band, Mere Image.

Tina Schwartz...As the newest ex-Vibe wife, we appreciate your support and on-going friendship...thanks for all you did!

Les (Plicky) Zook...he jumped in on a moment's notice, learned 30 songs and did some time with the VIBE in 2004.  You da man!!

Duane Damiani...he also rose to the challenge and contributed by singing for the VIBE from time to time in 2004.  What a friend!  Duane currently performs with the Beatnik Cowboys.

Liz Schaeffer...she's a "band-aide" and helped us out of jams by jamming with us, providing ongoing support, assistance and promotion of the VIBE....she kept the "vibe" in Vertigo Vibe by covering the vocals for some of our gigs in times of need...you're an angel indeed!!  Liz is currently singing for Sonic and LJ, an acoustic duo.

Phil Stallone...Phil made his debut appearance with the Vibe on June 12, 2004, at Paolo's on lead guitar and continued to help us throughout 2004!  Phil added a "special" sound to the Vibe and deserves a special "thanks" for his help.  He has incredible talent and is one helluva nice guy! And yes, he is Sylvester's cousin!!  (Yo...Adrianne).   Phil went on to form The Rockers.

Scott Murphy...As one of the original members of and singer for Vertigo Vibe in 2003, Scott's contribution to the band's success will never be forgotten.  Always the performer and entertainer, Scott moved on to give more time to his personal life and to focus on his DJ gigs.

Jim McCauley...As one of the original members of Vertigo Vibe, from 2003 to 2004, Jim was instrumental in getting some of the first jobs for the band.  Jim moved on to continue with the band, Sonic, as well as to perform as an acoustic duo, LJ, with Liz Schaeffer.  Jim also jumped back in the saddle with the Vibe for a November, 2006, gig at the Iron Post...Deja vu, man.


And "thanks" to all the wives, girlfrends, friends and "VIBE-raters" who have come out to hear, support and encourage Vertigo Vibe...

we do it for you!!

For a complete schedule listing, click here



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