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Joe Bernat helps the Vibe for 2018
We are pleased to announce that Joe Bernat will assist the Vibe during the 2018 gigs as much as possible. Joe is a well-known musician and currently the drummer for the Smokin' Souls Band.  Joe has helped the Vibe on a few occasions in 2017 and was willing to assist again this year. We think this (and he) is awesome. Not only does he have an incredible style that adds to the Vibe, but he also sings...so we we get 2 fer 1.
Our connection with Joe goes back many years, as he was the drummer for Sonic, 
with Jim McCauley and his wife Liz...
and Jim was an original founding member of Vertigo Vibe!

Mike Crater joins Vertigo Vibe in 2017.
We are delighted to announce the addition of Mike Crater to the Vibe line-up for 2017.  Mike had previously been the drummer for Vodoo Moon, a Pottstown-based band.  

With a diverse and impressive musical background, he will take over the drumming duties, effective July, 2017.

Mike hails from Pottstown and owns Mike's Brick Oven Pizza....the best Pizza this side of the Schuylkill River.

 Please help us welcome Mike to Vertigo Vibe and come on out and say "hello".  We just can't wait...we're so excited.

Vibe Schedule - January thru June, 2017

We got a fairly full schedule started for 2017.  Last year was a great year for us...especially in the 2nd half of the year.  We had some special gigs (Appalachian Wine Fest at Schuylkill County Fairgrounds; playing HippieDaze fpr Long Trout Winery at Blue Falls Grove ...what a hoot; adding Gary's Bar (Palmyra) and The Curran Hotel (Minersville)to our venue list; playing a few private parties and special events; and meeting so many nice people along the way).

We hope to continue expanding our repertoire (we're starting the year with a few kick-ass surprizes); upgrading our equipment(starting with new PA, new speakers, and a quadraphonic light show); adding new (and getting back to some old) Venues; and exploring other venues and opportunities in other counties.

I want to thank you all faithful Vibe fans for hanging in there with us....it's always great to see you out there on the dancefloor acting silly....cracking us up.  This is why we continue to do this (and for no other reason)!

If you are aware of a venue you'd like us to consider or if you are interested in booking Vertigo Vibe for your own party, just let us know! Either email Randy at oakcroft@aol.com; or call 484-269-8687 today!

BCTV Telethon with Vertigo Vibe - March 25, 2017
Vertigo Vibe will be back on stage at Goodwill Beneficial Assoc. on March 25
for the BCTV Telethon 2017!
We hope to see you on the dancefloor and help us raise money for BCTV.
Thank you in advance for coming out...
for dancing the day and night away...
for watching it on TV...
and for giving to a worthy cause
(BCTV, of course)! 

Vertigo Vibe will play the Appalachian Wine Fest on May 20, 2017

Vertigo Vibe has the distinct honor of being invited back to play for their second Annual Appalachian Wine Festival held at the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 20th.  The event runs from 11 am - 5 pm, and Vertigo Vibe will be on stage from noon - 4 pm.  This is a ticketed event....$15 if purchased in advance and $20 at the gate.  Wine, women and song....all the ingredients needed for a great afternoon!!  Stayed tuned for additional information...Appalachian Wine Festival

Old News....Past Events...etc.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas with Vertigo Vibe...

The Vibe guys will be heading to The Strange Brewe Tavern, the week before Christmas (Dec. 19)...

Where all through the house, not a bad song will be played...and we'll all get a little soused!

So, dance if you must, and spread joy a greast cheer....I hear that Kenny is buyin' the beer!

On Randy, on Kenny, on Mark, Jim and Matt...

let's show 'em how to rock & roll...

let's show 'em where it's at. 

Double-banger weekend...

We have a double-header this weekend....and at 2 new clubs!!

We'll be rockin' Lancaster VFW, starting at 8 pm, on Friday, November 7. We hear this is a great club, and we will have a blast.  We'll be back there on Saturday afternoon (starting at 3 pm) for a private party for the Veterans; and then, we're off to Kulptown Fire Co.; and we're gonna set the place on fire!  We get this party started at 9 pm; and we hear they know how to party!!  Hope you get a chance to come out and see us....always a guaranteed good time.

PLUS...you'll hear some of the best classic rock sounds of Vertigo Vibe...music you can dance to (and sing along with).
Hope to see ya there.

The Vibe played at the 2nd Annual Reading Pretzel Fest!

The Vibe kicked off the
Annual Reading Pretzel & Craft Beer Fest 
on Saturday, September 27, taking the Main Stage from 1 - 4 pm.  
We were the first of 3 bands invited to warm up the stage for Foghat,
with Reading's own Craig MacGregor on bass!

Check out our cover of American Girl

Vertigo Vibe leads in the Poll for band voted to open for Foghat

we feel honored to be
leading the Poll for
the 2nd Annual Pretzel Fest,
September 27th,
and the opportunity for Vertigo Vibe to open for Foghat!

Thank you for your support and confidence!!

Here comes the sun....that ice is slowly melting!

Little darlin', it's been a long, cold, lonely winter.

So, kick out the jams and come out to Reamstown Athletic Assoc. for a kick-ass good time!

Winter at the Perse (Perseverence) Fire Co.

We truly enjoyed ourselves at the Perse and will be going back on November 15.

Great crowd...great night (c-c-c-cold outside....
but h-h-h-hot inside!!)


Change is about the only thing we can count on these days. 

So, next time you see us, we may just look a little diff'rent!

Coming up in 2013....

We're starting to line up some gigs for next year....but here's just a few of the places where you'll be seeing us the remainder of 2013:

Blind Hartmans Tavern

T & E Mountaintop Inn

Riverboat Saloon

Temple Fire Co.

Bethel Fire Co.


The Westy

Bowl Grill

Turkey Raffle at Northkill Rod & Gun Club - Saturday, November 23, 2013

Join us for an evening of fun, dancin' and dumbness...

Saturday, November 23, starting at 9 pm,
Northkill Rod & Gun Club will be having their annual Turkey Raffle. 

Mark Johnson is filling in for Chris Johnson tonight
(Chris is on R & R in Mexico and will be singing with a Mariachi band).

We came back to SOBERSTOCK
We took the stage and the crowd by storm... SOBERSTOCK 2013!!

We've done some re-decorating!

If it's been a while, you gotta come out and see the new, and improved Vertigo Vibe!
We've got loads of new material...still have two of the original guys...
and brought some young bucks in!  You gotta hear us now!!

Although we're still playing out of county (special events and weddings), you can catch us locally at:

Blind Hartman's Tavern - September 6, from 9:30 pm - 1 am

T & E Mountain Top Inn - September 7, from 9 pm - 1 am

Soberstock 2013 - September 21, from 1:20 pm - 2:30 pm

- Riverboat Saloon - September 27, from 10 pm - 1 am

- Bowl Grill - September 28, from 9 pm - 12 am

- Temple Fire Company - October 5, from 9 pm - 12 am

- Bethel Fire Company - October 12, from 9 pm - 12 am

- The Westy November 9, from 10 pm - 1 am

Northkill Rod & Gun Club - November 23, from 9 pm - 12 am

- Blind Hartman's Tavern - November 27, from 9:30 pm - 1 am

- Temple Fire Company - December  14, from 9 pm - 12 am

T & E Mountaintop was a blast!

We had our Mojo working and had a great turnout!  Our "thanks" going out to the folks at T & E Mountaintop who made us feel so welcome...like coming back home...and to all our friends and supporters and new fans who stayed with us the entire night!!

Here's a little Talk Dirty for ya'all.

Let's not get political....just get real.
This man's got a point.

Just when you thought you knew us...
It's not that I want to keep you guessing;
but Vertigo Vibe has been up to something lately.
Keep an eye open...keep yer ears open...
and keep your mind open...
Vertigo Vibe Revised is coming to a town and party near you!

The guys in Vertigo Vibe are rarin' to go in the new year.
We've got the full (and may I say SOLID) line-up.
We're adding new material...we're adding new venues....
and have a whole new attitude!
We want to play and are open to "anything".
In 2010, we'll be playing at Chaplin's Music Cafe in Spring City....
we're going back to Tom's Bar & Grill in Royersford...
we'll be doing some special events
(like the BCTV Telethon, Temple Fireman's carnival, some outdoor summer events, Mike's Annual Pig Roast and some birthday parties)....
and we'll be heading to MD for a special wedding reception this Fall!  We also added a buncha new songs to our ever-expanding repertoir (covering artists like: Tempatations, Earth, Wind & Fire, Temptations, Wilson Pickett, War, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dobie Gray, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Winwood, Cheap Trick, Elvin Bishop, Buddy Miles, James Brown, and even Tom Jones).
If you ever need a band for any occasion
(big or small, outside or inside, your back yard or your vacation home),
just contact Randy or one of the guys in Vertigo Vibe.

The Ritz on Main - Battle of the Bands, featuring Vertigo Vibe

We're Puttin' on The Ritz.....this time, it's a Battle of the Bands contest.  This is the 2nd week of a 3 week contest, and we are in great company, with other exceptional bands!  Our thanks to Todd Thanhouser (Escape) and The Ritz team for including the Vibe in this event!! 

Jimbo Jam - October 15, 2011
We did it again for this year's Jimbo Jam: Saturday, October 15th held at the Kenhorst Fire Co., with the Vibe taking the stage at 9:00 pm.  Jim McCauley was a Berks County native, talented musician, and the Vibe's first guitar player. He gave as much joy as he received from playing guitar. He learned to play the guitar at a very young age and played throughout his adult life. His love of life and music was never more evident than when he continued to play during his courageous battle with cancer. Jim performed for the last time on October 17, 2009, just three weeks before his untimely death. His music lives on in the lives of those he touched and his legacy will live on through the Jimbo Jam Memorial Fund

Party on the Plaza - 2011
Yeah, baby....we kicked off the 2nd Annual Party on the Plaza at Stoudtburg Village.
Look for us again next year and join us for a night of kick-ass music under the stars.

Belair, MD - What a blast!
We headed down the road tryin' to loosin' our load...
went down to Bel Air, MD on February 19 for an incredible private party with all the fixin's!

We played for Donnie Cherel's surprise party....and had plenty of surprises.  From the time we arrived and saw a transformer laying against a building, we knew it would be full of surprises.  Setting up in the dark, adding candles for ambiance (and out of necessity), and "making do" until the electric came back actually set the tone.  But at 8 pm, we were back in business and rocked until 11:30 pm.  Donnie & his old bandmates took the stage and performed along with the Vibe.  Even the Geico Caveman was there (really).

If you know anyone havin' a party...needing a band...
just let us know.   We're always ready for a road trip !!!

The Planets have all been aligned!!!

September 4, 2010
from 9 pm - 12 am

This is a once in a blue moon kind of opportunity. The time seems right...the planets are aligned...
the stage has been set...
The Original Vibe is back together on stage
at Sinking Spring Fire Co.
for a night of soul-searching entertainment!
It's been 7 years....
but now, it feels like we were never apart.

Come out and see the guys who got it started
(playing with the memory of Jim McCauley)....

Randy Stout...Scott Murphy...Kenny Play...
Dale Hatt...Jim Dolinski.

It's all about the dumbness!

Bare essesntials

We were called on and we played a rather unique 4th of July party this year...
at a local "health resort",
Penn Sylvan Health Society.

I called on some of my old Vibe-mates to bare our souls
(and our bottoms)
and had an incredibly great Vibe time!

Special thanks to all the great people at Penn Sylvan and to Mike Miller, Jim Dolinski and Dale Hatt!

Vertigo Vibe played Stoudtburg Village Concert Series on June 18...
Vertigo Vibe kicked off Stoudtburg Village Summer Music Series
June 18,
from 5 - 8 pm
It was great fun...and FREE!
People brought their chairs and dancin' shoes and 
were dancin' to the music!
A special thanks to all the folks who helped put this on:
especially Dave Endy and all the Stoudburg Village Vendors and the Flying Dutchman Ski Club.
Stoudtburg Village


2009 Recap...

Vertigo Vibe....WMGK House Band Finalist!!
We entered the WMGK Battle of the Bands again for 2009...
and this year, it happened !!??!! 
We made the cut and were one of the 16 band finalists.
We played at the Philadelphia Park Casino - Circle Bar -
on August 20 for our qualifying event. 
And, while we didn't win, we came out looking good and made an impression!
Our congratulations to the winner of the evening, Pawn Shop Roses!
These kids rock!  It's nice to know there are young bands out there willing to carry the torch for our classic rock music!!
Special thanks to Andre Gardner and WMGK...we will be back next year (remember the name...get the Vibe).

The Vibe hit the airwaves!
Vertigo Vibe was on Chuck Corbin's Live Internet Show
on Friday, October 23, 2009, at 9 am. Tune in...turn on...
to our internet radio interview with Chuck Corbin (in case you missed it)!

We are finished with our extreme makeover

We have filled the drum throne in June with John Feeser, a Lancaster musician who once was in a touring band,
Sweet Pain, and worked with some well-know artists, including Leon Russell. 
We also firmed up the lead guitar position in July with Todd Althouse, a well known musician in the Reading area,
and, for the past 6 years, the guitar player with the John King Dance Band
The last piece of our puzzle was the bassman position.
  Bobby Fry, a well-known musician and sideman from the Lancaster area
who played with Screamin' Daisies, the Kenny Wayne Morris Band and Rob Hughes and the Heaters, will join Vertigo Vibe starting December, 2009.

Come to the Haunting on the Riverboat and on South Mountain...

Vertigo Vibe will be playing 2 Halloween parties:
One at the Riverboat Saloon
on Friday, October 30, from 10 pm - 1 am.
Take a ride on the Riverboat
for one howlin' good time!!

Another at Galen Hall Golf Club (Wernersville)
on Saturday, October 31, from 7:30 - 10:30 pm. 
Come to the haunting on South Mountain
for one of the best parties in Berks!! 
Remember...this is an early night
(chust the way, uh-huh,
uh-huh, we like it).

Temple Fireman's Carnival, 2009

Thanks for your support and coming out to the Temple Fireman's Carnival!!!

Thanks for partying with the Vibe.

37th Van Nationals...2009

We were at the 37th Van Nationals Truck-in on
July 9, 2009, at Schuylkill County Fairgrounds, 
and got their motors runnin' fer sure!!!

This is NEWS.... This is NEWS....

Jeff Schwartz re-united with the Vibe
for 1 night only at Lititz VFW on Friday, April 24!
It was great to have him back and to be able to play
many of those old Vibe favorites that we had let slip away.

We played at Molly Maguires in 2009 and loved it!

We had a blast at Molly Maguire's,
in Phoenixville....
Saturday, January 17, 2009.

We're hoping to get back on the schedule and return there soon!
Click the link to get more information about
Molly Maguire's 
or to get

Some of the songs we tossed around this year... Some of the songs we tossed around this year...

We've been practicing with
our new guitar player, Mike Miller. 
Here's some of the stuff
we'll be workin' on in 2009:

A Girl Like You...Smithereens

Ain't Too Proud To Beg...The Temptations
Another One Bites The Dust...Queen
Behind Blue Eyes...The Who
Black Magic Woman...Santana
Brown Sugar...Rolling Stones
Can't Get Next To You...Temptations
Cheap Sunglasses...ZZ Top 
Come And Get Your Love...Redbone
Comfortably Numb...Pink Floyd
Crossfire...Stevie Ray Vaughan
Day Tripper...Beatles
Don't Stop Believin'...Journey
Eminence Front...The Who
Evil Ways...Santana
Fly Away...Lenny Kravitz
Get Back...Beatles
Get Down Tonight...K.C. & The Sunshine Band
Get Ready...Temptations
Golden Years...David Bowie
Hold On, I'm Comin'...Sam & Dave
I Can’t Go For That...Hall & Oates
I Hate Myself For Loving You...Spike and the Impalers
I know a Little...ZZ Top
I Saw Her Standing There...Beatles
Jump, Jive, an' Wail...Brian Setzer

Late In The Evening...Paul Simon
Lawyers, Guns and Money...Warren Zevon
Let’s Stay Together...Al Green
Locomotive Breath...Jethro Tull
Low Rider...War
Magic Carpet Ride...Steppenwolf
My Sharona...The Knack
Pretty Woman...Roy Orbison
Radar Love...Golden Earring
Rebel Rebel...David Bowie
Shining Star...Earth, Wind, and Fire
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?...The Clash
Signed, Sealed, Delivered...Stevie Wonder
Stairway To Heaven...Led Zeppelin
The Dock Of The Bay...Otis Redding
Sweet Home Chicago...Blues Brothers
When Love Comes To Town...BB King / U2
When The Lights Go Down...Journey
You Can't Do That...Beatles
And more songs and surprises to come!!!!

Here's a few of the clubs
you'll find us in 2009:

New Holland American Legion
(New Holland)

Molly Maguire's Pub (Phoenixville)
Lucky Stars (Reading)
Pappy T's (Hamburg)
Mohnton Fire Co. (Mohnton)
Riverside Camping Assoc. (Lancaster)
Fairview Inn (Leesport)
Ephrata AmVets (Ephrata)
East Ends (Reading)
Iron Post (Temple)
Pine Grove VFW (Pine Grove)
Lower Allen VFW (Mechanicsburg)
Smokey Bones (Wyomissing)
Gouglersville Fire Co. (Gouglersville)
Riverboat Saloon (Shartlesville)
Lititz VFW (Lititz)...and more!

Here's a few of the events
we'll be doing in 2009:
Keystone Madness Truck-in (7/9/09)
Temple Fireman's Carnival (7/11/09)
Pagoda Motorcycle Club Gypsy Tour (8/15/09)...and more!

WMGK House Band Competition...not this year :(

While we had as good a chance as any band to be in the running, it just wasn't in the cards for the Vibe and the WMGK House Band Competition this year.
But, we still rock!

There's always next year. 

For more information, go to WMGK

Muhlenberg Community Days...2008

We were back to kick off this year's annual
Muhlenberg Community Days festivities
on Wednesday, July 23, 2008.
It's a good thing we were under the Big Top, cause it rained cats & dogs!!.
We got only 1 set in; but still gave 110% of our
classic rock & roll entertainment!

Vertigo Vibe was back at SOBERSTOCK 2008!

Vertigo Vibe was on hand for Soberstock, 2008: JULY 12, taking the stage at 3:50 pm. 

In its 11th year, Soberstock continues to realize its original vision of being a day-long celebration of substance-free living
filled with music, fun, food & fellowship. We were honored to be a part of this event.

This was a FREE Admission event
with a huge crowd...
just like Woodstock!!

Our thanks to Tom Scornavacchi
and Easy Does It, Inc.,
for inviting us back to be part of the celebration!
For additional information about their services and recovery, go to Easy Does It

Temple Firemen's Carnival, 2008 Temple Firemen's Carnival, 2008

Vertigo Vibe was back
for the 2nd consecutive year for the
Temple Fireman's Carnival
on Saturday, July 12, 2008,
It was a great turnout...everyone danced the night away and came to party!

Our thanks to Doris Seiders and the Templ Fire Co. Crew for making us feel so much at home here.

We hope to be back again next year.

Kempton Country Fair....we did it! Kempton Country Fair....we did it!

Vertigo Vibe was at the 54th Annual Kempton Country Fair on June  13, 2008. This was a real country fair!

Next year, we plan to enter the tractor pull using Bryan's Hyundai SUV....look out!

What's the buzz? Glad you asked.....
When Vertigo Vibe was just getting started, one of our highlights was being the first band to be booked at and open the Ritz on Main nightclub. That was 2003. We played there 3 times that year, including New Years eve....what a blast! Now, it's 2008....we've got a whole new line-up...we're playing over 60 gigs a year in 5 different counties....and we're back at the Ritz!

The Vibe adds new Lead guitar player...and welcomes Bryan Hall

Since the sudden departure of Brian Evola, who moved to South Carolina on February 20,
Vertigo Vibe has actively been seeking his replacement....a difficult task at best.
After an internet search and advertising campaign, we had the good fortune to locate Bryan Hall.
Bryan has extensive band and touring excpeience.
Originally from Nashville, Bryan has relocated near the West Chester area.
This will be a happy blending of great playing and great chemistry (strictly in the spiritual sense).
We will be introducing Bryan this weekend, March 7 & 8...the rest will be history!


The Vibe was on BCTV for the 2008 Telethon...
  Did you see us on February 23, 2008, on the annual BCTV Telethon fundraiser, held at The Riveredge?. Thank you for your support and for supporting our local BCTV with your donation.

Wintertime...and the livin' is easy...

The Vibe teamed up with the
Flying Dutchmen Ski Club

for the 2nd year for their Winter Carnival on
Saturday, February 2, 2008,
at the Bear Creek Ski Lodge.
Check out the Winter Carnival pics on our site from the event .
Also, check out the Flying Dutchmen Happy Hour schedule.

It's official....
Two of the Beatniks (Rick Schmehl, bass, and Pete Beck, drums) will merge with three of the Vertigo Vibe guys (Brian Evola, guitar, Mark Johnson, vocals and Randy Stout, guitar)...effective January 1, 2008, to form a new version of the Vibe. This merger will bring with it a wide variety of new music for both bands as well as some new opportunities. During the transition, we will maintain the name, Vertigo Vibe.

You might consider us the Beatnik Vibe....or Beatigo Vibe....or the Vertigo Cowboys; but anyway you cut it, we will still rock your world...and we still have the vibe!!!

There's something happening here....what it is ain't exactly clear...
a new acoustic rock alternative
for smaller venues
and more intimate clubs!

Click here for a peek.

New Years Eve was a blast at Lancaster AmVets with Vertigo Vibe
We hope you enjoyed your NYE  at LAV with Vertigo Vibe.
We'll be at Lancaster AmVets on February 8 & 9.
Thanks to all who came out and especially to Kim & Wayne for throwing such a wonderful party 
Our best wished for a safe and very prosperous and exciting new year!!.

We welcomed Bruce Kissinger to the Vibe stage!
Bruce Kissinger was on hand to help the Vibe out on drums for the remainder of 2007... Bruce started playing drums at an early age, and by age 16, started playing with a full band in local clubs and bars. During his time in the Navy, Bruce played in USO shows thoughout Europe and with several bands while in the Mediterranean. After 30 years of "bangin' the skinz", he is now a major force on the local scene, having played with such bands as Freestyle, Miss T and the Mosquitoes, and Sonic. He is currently keeping it tight and funky with Blue Light Special and is lovin' every minute of it. He has graciously agreed to "fill in" during December for the remaining 2007 Vibe gigs.

The Vibe took on Hog Heaven Harley Raffle
Annual "Hog Heaven" party & raffle was fabulous on Saturday, October 6, 2007
...at Benedict's Picnic Grove. Only 200 tickets were be sold, and the Grand prize: 2007 Harley Davidson, was proudly given away (as grown men wept).
Vertigo Vibe provided the entertainment.

The Vibe played Muhlenberg Community Days...

Vertigo Vibe performed at Muhlenberg Township's Community Days at the Temple Playground, on Friday, July 27, 2007.
Thanks to Karen Regenfuse and her team for including us!!!
Although the electrical storm delayed our start and may have sent people home early and prevented others from coming out,
we had a blast.

Vertigo Vibe played SOBERSTOCK, 2007 Vertigo Vibe played SOBERSTOCK, 2007

Vertigo Vibe was on hand for Soberstock, 2007: JULY 21, taking the stage at 3:50 pm at Reinholds Fire Co. Carnival Grounds, 138 Main Street, Reinholds, PA
In its 10th year, Soberstock continues to realize its original vision of being a day-long celebration of substance-free living filled with music, fun, food & fellowship.
Our thanks to Tom Scornavacchi and Easy Does It, Inc., for inviting us to be part of the celebration! Thanks to all who attended and, with the help of Gerry Garrett & Zeus Sound, heard some of the best bands in Berks:
Go Go Gadget, Dave Mell Blues Band, Vertigo Vibe and Bunchafunk.
For additional information about their services and recovery, go to Easy Does It

Temple Fireman's Carnival was great!

This was a BIG event for the Temple Fire Co. on July 14, 2007.
Thanks to all who came out
to support the cause,
and caught
Vertigo Vibe

We danced...partied
and let loose
with the best rock, party & dance band
in Berks & Lancaster counties!!

If you were there, you were a good citizen...supporting your community fire company....
and local music!

The Vibe and Frank FM 107.5
  The Vibe got together with the guys from Frank FM (107.5 on your radio dial) for the Berks BBQ Bash Battle of the Bands. We took the stage on Saturday, July 14, at Blue Falls Grove, Rt. 61, Leesport, along with Broken Arrow, The Rockers, Left Edge and Side Street. The Vibe felt very good about their performance, but did not come out the winner....Left Edge did. This event was fun for the whole family, and we hope to be a part of it next year!

A new Vibe feature at our gigs... A new Vibe feature at our gigs...

We've introduced something new at our shows....
"Special Request Forms".... which seems to be a hit. If you have a special song request and we know it, we'll do it.... hell, we might do it even if we don't know it!
If you are celebrating a special occasion or want us to make an announcement or want to get on our email list, just fill out the form... simple as that!
Now, go party!!

Do you have a special event coming up? Do you have a special event coming up?

If you or someone you know has a special event coming up,
consider booking Vertigo Vibe.
Class Reunions...Corportate Events...Weddings...
Private Parties, Picnics
and Celebrations...
it'll all go better when you have the Vibe!
No job is too big or too small...and we travel within the tri-state area. When you need the best classic rock, dance & party band for your event, you need Vertigo Vibe.
Email Randy for more information, availability and rates.

We've also signed with and are getting help and referrals from an entertainment group in York...
more on this later!

The latest Vibe change...
On October 21, 2006, we began working with a new guitar player, Brian Evola. Originally from Illinois, Brian's previous band experience included Bullseye, Phaze III, Southern Pass and, most recently, Triple Shot. We want to take this opportunity to thank Jeff Schwartz, who was with Vertigo Vibe through October 14, for his dedication and his many contributions to the Vibe's ongoing success....
we wish you well and will miss you, but you will always be a member of the Vibe family!

Keysone Madness....it's mad & it's bad! Keysone Madness....it's mad & it's bad!

Last year, Vertigo Vibe performed at the
2005 Van Nationals,
sponsored by Moonlight Vans.
This year it was...
Keystone Madness 2006,
backed by Performance, Inc.

No matter what it's called, this is one helluva n'event...it's just madness!

We're flying high at the Eagle Hotel, Fredericksburg
  We are glad to be going back to the Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel this Saturday, November 22. This is a very cool corner bar....come on out and check it out.

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