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More from Lower Allen....

Our thanks to Keith Graham and the crew for having us at the VFW...your club rocks!

Michael Snyder Party - January 31, 2009...

I must say...Michael knows how to throw a party. He did an internet search of some of the best Philadelphia party bands, and came across Vertigo Vibe; and booked us! The party took place at Makefield Highlands Golf Course in Yardley, and was attended by about 85 people.

Michael is quite "connected" in the music business...we were quite impressed with his videography from the Hollywood days. I had the chance to meet a SIRIUS DJ , Larry the Duck on Channel 21....hopefully he'll plug our band.
We had so many musicians in the house....all contributing to the evening celebration.

Special thanks and attention goes out to Michael's daughters who sang 2 songs (like pros, I might add); and also to Bari Koral, an exceptional singer and musician.

But, ultimately, our gratitude goes out to Michael for being the Vibe's frontman and singer for the evening. Happy Birthday, Michael....you rock!

More from Michael's party...it gets better & better...

When Michael contacted me in November, and said he was looking for a band for his party, he also made it clear that he wanted the band to be flexible, loose and allow him to sing. Now, we've had people come up and sing with us already....and sometimes you just wish they hadn't done that.

So, after going back & forth with song suggestions, we settled on 8 - 10 songs he would do with the band. Turns out, he nailed it! Not only that....he also brought his own back-up dancers...you da man!!

Now, this is what I'm talkin' about...

If you think having 4 very lovely dancers on stage with you affects your playing....you are absolutely right! We're thinking about taking these girls with us everywhere we go.

By the way, these girls were all Russian and residing in NYC. Our special thanks to our friend Nick for providing the road help, additional vocals, and keeping the girls happy!! (If you are interested, Nick is an aspiring actor from California, quite available and multi-talented).

You can't always get what you want....

More pictures from Michael's party.
I guess there were just way too many photo opportunities....but who's complaining?
We know you can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need...
and we needed this!!

Parting shots from Michael's party...

What a great party...Michael Snyder knows how to celebrate 50 with a bang!
We can't leave without giving thanks to the crew at Makefield Highlands for treating the Vibe so well.  Special props go out to Bob & Matt...you guys worked your butts off!  And who's going to ever forget our Russian lovelies singing "Happy Birthday" to Michael...impeccable!

Fairview Inn...February 13, 2009

Although it was Friday the 13th....we got lucky!  Many thanks to our friends who came to show their support...Joe & Deb, Jane, Craig, Jody & Vanessa, Mark & Tracy, Gosby & Shirley, Shinichi, and Gary & Pat.  
Also thanks to Joe and the crew at the Fairview Inn for having us back!

Ephrata AmVets, February 21, 2009...

We had a whole lotta fun last night at the Ephrata AmVets.  The house was certainly a-rockin'.  And we were....wow...feelin' good.  We'll be back at Ephrata AmVets on May 23.  If you missed this one, be sure to catch us there the next time.  For a look at what you missed, check out this videoIf your face was in the place last night, we know you'll be back! Remember this??

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